Q. What does my Child need to start?

A. You don’t need to buy anything to come along to the class at first just runners and comfortable clothes for your child to move freely in will be great.

Q. Does my child have to do competitions?

A. Not if you and your child does not want to. We cater for all children whether they compete or not. We will advise you how your child progresses and if you to choose to have them compete we will give you the information you need to do this with DHA.

Q. Where can I buy dancing shoes?

There are many places you can buy dance shoes, the closest place to Swords is http://dimensionsdance.ie/ and to Shankill and Glencullen is http://www.dublindanceshop.com/ both of this places you can call to or order online.
Alternatively there’s a new Dance Emporium shop in Swords Main street.

Q. How much do classes cost?

A. We work on the basis that you pay per hour and this is done as a term fee, as each term is different we work out the amount before the end of the term before and advise you of this cost. Our first class for every student is free so come long and see if you enjoy dance first. We understand it’s hard to commit when you’re not sure if your child will like it so please come along and try and go from there.